Ibanez BTB300BG
Ibanez BTB300BG

BTB300BG, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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heads on fire 11/01/2011

Ibanez BTB300BG : heads on fire's user review

« Great bass for the money. »

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Bubunga top over mahogany body
Smooth satin finish on body and neck
Traditional 'old school' 34" scale, this was the only model in the BTB line to feature this scale (I believe)
Mono Rail 2 Bridge design to enhance sustain and easy intonation for each string
Rosewood fingerboard, pearl dot inlays
22 Medium frets
Ibanez SPJ4 "J-style" pickups
White Gold/cosmo nickle hardware
EQB-IIB 2-band Equalizer
Warwick Rockbag soft case included
Neutrik locking output jack


The winning factor in this bass is that it is so easy to play. Fingerstyle, pickstyle, McCartney thumb style, slap and pop, double slap thumb ala Victor Wooten, tapping, harmonics...this bass excels at all of the above. It is easy to reach all frets, and it is balanced properly - no severe neck dive or anything like that. It feels comfortable standing or sitting, and it always draws comments due to its looks - it looks traditional-ish, but still has a decidedly modern flair. It does have a very nice finish on it, to boot!


Great sounding instrument! One thing that helps with that is the individual bridges for each string - it imparts a crisp, piano-like bell tone to all the strings, and there are no dead spots or strange frequencies. Each string, each fret sounds great. The electronics are no slouch either - many different tones can be coaxed out of this bass, from growly, to farty, to smooth, to thumpin'. Notes will ring out with sheer power and sustain. This bass is fantastically versatile.


If you find one on the used market and are looking for a good bass, this is it! Great sounds and playability make for a smooth, hassle-free instrument. This bass provides a lot of fun for very little dough, and is still a good professional quality bass guitar. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. I just want to find a 5 string version now!