Ibanez BTB470
Ibanez BTB470

BTB470, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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Ibanez BTB470 : Anonymous 's user review

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Active bass made in Indonesia.Le body is mahogany.
It has a maple neck-24-box a bit wide, but thin enough, with a rosewood fingerboard.
The bridge is a mono-rail Ibanez.
The pickups are Bartolini MK2. For settings, volume, balance, and a very effective 3-band EQ.


The sleeve is very nice and easy to take in hand. The bass is very hard ... I feel that the strings are super stretched over my Rbx Yam. Qualitée manufacturing? Wood very good? I do not know what it brings, but it's very nice.

The ergonomics are excellent, the bass is well balanced and is comfortable to play standing or sitting.
Little more, access to treble is really ideal.

The sound is nice with all settings flat, except maybe treble too present. Hop, a little digging with équalo, and voila, two two the sound is good, very powerful ... maybe even too much? it's been awhile since I had been forced to play with the volume of a guitar or bass that is not thoroughly.


I play an Orange 50BTX, or Amplitube SVX. In Amplitube, so good. In the Orange, who also is very (too) generous in acute, dig more to find the sound, but once found: happiness!

For now, I recorded three songs rock (a little strong) with. A to fingers, and two others to pick. In one case as in the other, the beautiful doing very well, and I'm really in awe of the regularity of his catch! The pickups are very clean and precise. Very nice!

I had fun with older pieces, stuff prog rock, old Bowie, a little funk etc. ... By digging the equalo, we always come easily to his need.

The one thing that frustrates me for now: the dirt of new strings that sound too bright. Should more than I wash my hands until it is better.


I use since ... yesterday. Given the size of the beast, I thought the grip would be longer, but not all. In just three hours I put three pieces in a box with the impression that he had not even require tweaking the tracks so it's all clean!

I play from now, Phew, U20. So I had and used tens of other models from the time and I must say that it really leaves me in awe. Well, already she is very beautiful. But it is especially easy to play, comfortable, and has a range of sounds that can play rock, funk, metal, and certainly much more.

Beauty is sold at about 550/600 roros, which is a value for money really good (as often with Ibanez).
In a little snooping on the net (which I did) one can find for a price more than a gift. The

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