Ibanez JTKB300
Ibanez JTKB300
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Ibanez Jet King JTKB300 Mini-Review

Everything Comes in Threes
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We all know the classic Ibanez bass guitar series: the SR range with its thin neck and integrated active electronics; the more characterful BTB range; the ATK range with its triple pickup that has been rocking the world of music since the 90's; the EDB range launched first in composite synthetic materials and then revisited in wood... But the object of the present review is another, less extreme and more vintage trend. Enter the Jet King JTKB 300: back to the 60's!

Mini-Review: A Snap Shot

Ibanez Jet King JTKB300Ibanez Jet King JTKB300Ibanez Jet King JTKB300


Ibanez Jet King JTKB300















And now for some tunes:



  • jet king micros grave+medium00:58
  • jet king Micro grave00:58
  • jet king micro median mediator00:58
  • jet king micros median+aigu00:27
  • jet king Slap 3 micros00:58
  • jet king micro median doigts00:19
  • jet king micro aigu00:58



This is our conclusion regarding the value for money of this small Chinese bass guitar priced at only $450. For a bass guitar in this price category, and except for the rather cheap pickups (don't even dream about it: three high-quality pickups would cost more than half the full price of the instrument!), the end result is fully justified. I would even add that, in spite of its old-school look, this bass guitar is able to deliver good results with modern rock music. In my opinion, this review is very positive. It's pleasant to see that some manufacturers are able to create original instruments without driving the prices up or developing a limited concept that would narrow the instrument's versatility. Thus, in these days where everyday things are manufactured and used by everyone, it's always interesting to choose weird products.

Pros Cons
  • Value for money
  • Number of pickup combinations
  • Convenience of the settings and electronics
  • Easily playable neck
  • Easy and intelligent access to the truss rod
  • Small ground and isolation problems
  • Available only in white finish
  • Sold in a cardboard box
  • Easy-access system to the truss rod is a bit fragile
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