Ibanez SR1000EWN
Ibanez SR1000EWN

SR1000EWN, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Prestige series.

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duba__ 08/27/2007

Ibanez SR1000EWN : duba__'s user review


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I bought It is now 2 months.
It's been a while since I wanted to invest in a professional model.
Well I'm not disappointed.
The handle is simply exceptional softness and comfort ...
Until sharp! ;)

The weight is ok.
The balance impeccable.

And what she's beautiful!

The side of her: this is ecstasy. The adjustment potentiometers are of very good quality.
1 volume, a selection of micro, the other two serving as EQ.
Excellent!. I get to spend virtually the cock in the ass enough rappidement.
I record in the studio right now, and the sound engineer halucine. Without preamp DI just ...


I play mainly on two amps:

An SWR Basic Black
1 Ashdown MAG C115-300

It's simple I am filled for the following music styles:
Jazz, Reggae, Rock, World.

For metal or other particular styles I can not tell you.


I would definitely make the same choice if it was redone.
I admit I hesitated with the model Fender Jazzbass.
I thought that Ibanez had a greater versatility,
what made me opt for this choice.

It's expensive, but when you want quality, you must put their hands in the pocket.
I bought 1400Euros to Gebelin Music.
Gift, the store offered me a set of strings.
I took the best: Elixir I replaced the same day.