Ibanez SR4000E
Ibanez SR4000E

SR4000E, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Prestige series.

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kurgan45 12/11/2010

Ibanez SR4000E : kurgan45's user review

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- Made in Japan
- Bridge mono rail 4
- Channel 5 part Wenge / Bubinga
- 2 Pickups Bartolini Custom Made in USA
- 24 medium frets abalone marker
- Electronics PWC III, volume, balance microphone, bass, mid, high frequency selector + medium.


The bass is very enjoyable to play.
stick thin and fast, balanced bass.
very good finish and violin.
I rarely play down the handle, but access to the fever is really easy.
be a sound is pretty easy, electronics is doing its job, the change on its get along right away.
I've never had a problem to find me a sound that suits me.


I play metal and coupled to my amp Ashdown, it sends hard.
I play a sound or not I push the wrong medium, with the switch of medium (medium Q) I dug the desired frequency.
bass can be passive switch, which allows for fewer attacks, a tone almost warm, almost. thereby making more cool style of music.
has serious quality electronics you can play any style of music.


I have this bass for five months and this is my first Ibanez.
before buying this bass I've tested quite a model, Musicman, Warwick, Spector, Vigier, etc. ...
in terms of comfort from the Vigier I did not get any better.
comfort is simply exceptional low light, balanced, lacks purpose, that of happiness.
I do not fault this time.

value for money is very good, of course € 1500 sounds a bit expensive but the quality is really the appointment.

I Refer the same choice if it was to do again.

if the opportunity presents itself, try this very good role model.

this bass is proof IBAN can do the high end.

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