Ibanez SR500
Ibanez SR500

SR500, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Standard series.

All user reviews for the Ibanez SR500

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 19 reviews )
 12 reviews63 %
 5 reviews26 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Nanar34's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
Even if the SR 500 seems close to a GSR ... In fact see anything except the same ease dconcertante game on the handle and the entire lgret combines excellent grip.


The SR 500 BM IBANEZ home it's only good. The handle is very easy to play. The knobs facilent rgler with their "midpoint"


The electronic sign Bartolini active can be as effective as its a powerful, very easy to find. Trace Elliot amp a couple Sries 6 - GP7 is the "Fire!"


Trs qualitprix good value for this "middle range" with an electronic high-flying violin combines a high quality. Short for anything I would not change!

MrBungle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
Everything is said in other reviews, I will not repeat the same thing


The handle is a delight, the day I played it for the first time I had the impression of having grown at once.
Access is very easy to acute
This bass is an impressive lightness
For sound the knobs respond really well, I use a line6 xt live on a small Hartke 30W and it sounds terrible and with a good potato


Going very well for: Pop, Rock, Funk and Metal


I for 1 month
The big drawback is the battery hatch which opens with a screwdriver, and even unscrewed does not come out easily, I'm afraid of damaging the lower a force.
I tried a different model which vigier Exess excellent but not at the same price at all.
I tried Cort in the same price range and ca be worth after the choice depends on taste.
I do it again the same choice with the same budget, with other ways I can be typed above

Miliouz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
It comes from the little Korean.
It's a 24 frets, 2 Bartolini MK1 equipped with selector equalyser micro and low / medium / high

This is a Bolt

The body is not painted, so it is easy bread .... VERY bad thing for one who is meticulous!
I j'm'en fout, ca gives it personality!


The neck is super late. I tried a Sub (Musicman) at the same time and saw the difference! It is very small almost flat at the back, so we walk!
For acute everything is normal.

His side, I like a slightly saturated in the high, medium and boosting treble and you get there no problem! Well it has not a grain of stringray, but at the cost or is it a good investment.
The only problem, mechanisms, which are not very good tuning, although I do not play like an ox.
Also note that pulling the strings of origne = ine is low, thus giving the B flat in the way I want, you have to go suprieur has a draft, if the handle is right as u "i" moves a little and tends to curl.


I play speed metal and pop, so it works well. It's an Ibanez, so the downside to the fineness of the handle is that the SLP must be super accurate!


It's been 8 months that I have and as I often do the rounds of which was worth nearly 12 000 new stores, I can make a comparison. Jazzy funk style, do not look to this low, but if you are a more aggressive style, she can answer, without comparison with a Rickenbaker all the same.
It's a great value for money (600 euro!), And my 12,000 bales EDA takes the dust these days!

As proof, I want absolutely no selling, aloors the EDA will fall by the wayside!

Strato-bourrin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
This small low t made in Korea.
there are 24 frets, Bartolini MK1 pickups Bartolini, not bad at all
B20 bridge
one volume knob, a balance of microphones
- A 3-band active equalizer - serious
- Midle
- Trebble
Bolt-on maple ... I think trs end, fairly flat, although sympathetic to agu ACCS has played fairly comfortable, taken oval pearl is pretty trs .


As I have said before, super enjoyable race has played flat, wide, fast, it has played exellent, mechanical ki does not Disagree ...
ACCS at agu without problem.
Personally, I find it pretty trs (normal) but sturdy little body, c of mahogany, so trs necessarily dense, but sounds, you feel the strings vibrate in the body.
Pallete graphic interesante, c primarily why I bought it that we can do a lot of thing ... APRS depending on the technique used (finger, mdiator, slap ...) I played on a 100 watt combo Hartke therefore necessarily a ringing! I was delighted guitarsite sound so good is that c ...


As said before, versatile bass, so yes it Refre my style, and this is what ki can not hurt to change the color of her its just by touching a bass and not to the amp.
I play with effects like a wah-wah Ibanez (the Weeping Demon), the EBS-united chorus, and a saturation Ibanez SM-7 (originally intended for the guitar, but the serious fact ) ...
However I find that really agu ki agressiffes but may be filled if the guitar plays its fat and heavy, the balance is fesable ... and a lot more c for solos in saturation, a slice ...!!


I use it for about 4 months and I regale repeating, on stage, weight disturbs me somewhat in the end
I like very little detail, the jack on the front faade, can not break it by crouching or metant knees ... and oddly I find that default and also some interesting point of origin up a set of Elixir strings, all of the same has cost 70 euros ...
report quality really interresting, and yes, I do it again this choice without problem ...

Nion666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
See above


The handle is a rgal a play, an extreme softness (mahogany finish very well).
The highs are a joy to use, no need to be a contortionist to get there hands
The balance is very well done, and what lgeret more!


Trs versatile, I think it is more Metal. Easy to have a Korn has some sort!
(Under) uses a Peavey Basic 50, the sound is of the same very clear, very round! I expect the following to finally use it thoroughly!
We get out with all the settings, making TB a little magic of this bass, in a way ...
I think the sound of serious acute is excellent, it would be just may think about changing the game of rope dpart, which I like, is not a geniallissime hear ...


I use it for a month now, 2 to 6 hours a day, and I think it was exactly what I want, meaning you get a good metal sound, and at the same time a versatility of other occasion, like jazz, slap, tapping and blues!
What about its features, the sweetness of mahogany is a true joy! We promne, we slide, on tap, you slap it caresses the body when you have no notes to play ...
I used a Tanson earlier stages (I forgot the dsl MODL) and I prefried much this little gem!
A reselect, plus a price for a sound like, ca, I was desperate to find one under the age of 1500-2000, and ben if Ibanez did it!

micha69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
24 frets
Bartolini MK1
Mahogany body


The neck is very thin so I can quite large movements Access in acute is childish
this bass is simply beautiful trslgre
it is unglazed so be careful to blows it's been a year since I already have one millimeter and less wood where I put my thumb over the mic to do so very much gaffe
it is very easy to have a good sound there are a lot of possibilities


I play Dave Matthews Band (for those who know) on an amp pretty rotten (no money)
but I will soon provide a Hartke 3500 ha over a pair of speakers VX version
It sounds fat or round or as you want with the Hartke I can play with all I feel no particular limit
with this machine a very good and very beautiful instrument easily adaptable


I have tried many other models fender, warwick, yamaha ...
report quality price is 615 euros not bad
if I could I buy a replacement one for the Dropped and I crack a string pulling flat
and then I will perhaps finally defretter first amp

kinder_guano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
4 string bass made in Korea Banez any cute and sober.

- Body thin enough mahogany two parties, satin 'Brown Mahoghany'.
- Bolt, very fine, laminated wenge / bubinga 5 parts, satin finish. Plating of the head ... wood ... it looks like the Vénilia actually.
- Diapason 34''
- Rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets mediums, abalone markers.
- Mecas Banez oil bath (not great issue of the agreement required).
- Input jack dug on the table.
- 2 Bartolini Soapbar MkI passive (volume 500 K ohms).
- Active Bartolini Electronics: Volume, blend (mix the microphone neck and bridge, with a small hard spot convenient position in the middle), 3-band EQ bass, midrange and treble with active middle position.
- 9 volt battery hatch on the back of the box.
- Bridge Accu-Cast B20 Banez chrome like the rest of the hardware.
- Strings Elixir Nanoweb 045/105 series.

Tested in my mag 'favorites, then I had to order it (the time to have brouzoufs, the one I tried was sold). The one I received, in his sumptuous board, felt the white spirit ... a stink for almost a month

The assembly is pretty decent, apart from chtites runs and a bit of orange peel varnish ...

Separate pile from the rest of the electronics is a great idea, but putting in a door that closes by
live rather than video is pretty silly and impractical ...

The input jack dug in the table is just as beautiful bullshit, to force and remove the jack, the wood begins to be marked ... Great ...

The MECAS are subject to the agreement (especially the G string) ... not cool


This bass is lightweight, you forget very quickly, and it is balanced. Easy to play sitting or standing.

The neck is thin and flat, no fatigue seen (and that's what I was looking for, is basically a dirty guitar).
In short, handle comfortable and easy to the 24th box. Alone.

The fret finishing is good, nothing to grip.
Remains the holding of the agreement, the input jack and the battery cover.


Another argument for my purchase, Bartolini electronics and pickups MkI.
No breath. Quite a punch (but not bawdy as I have seen on a MusicMan Stingray, not the same budget either).

The electronics provides a truly impressive range of sounds, the bass is ultra versatile! Small snag on Eq mediums: I find it unusable. Cut, she has no voice at all. Boosted, that drool all over the place, hyper roots (totally messy and imprecise). In short, the knob is still in the middle position. The bass and treble are much more useful and tasty to sculpt A nice sound.

Tested mag 'on 2 bodies (with 4x10) Hartke and Ampeg combo, played with me ... a preamp Ampeg Bass SVP-Pro/Aphex Xciter / Yamaha mixing desk / PC (yes, I bought it for my old solitary computer music).

It is very nice (especially as the first low huhuhu!). But being too versatile, I find it really lacks and desperately character and identity. She does her job conscientiously, but not passionate love.

For the price, it sounds really good. Excellent small low mat supported by a mail really nice.


Value, it is not too bad place, though crushed by the Cort Artisan.

It meets the specifications for the use I make (computer music). And given my low level, it is impeccable.

But it is not quite typical, it does not really have character.

The holding of Understanding and the input jack stupidly placed bother me tremendously.

A mind already, replace it with a Warwick Corvette Double Buck keukine me

Addition, 24/12/2005: sold! And I have no regrets replaced by a Warwick Corvette Double Buck keukine (https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/avis/index% 2Cidproduit 2C62816.html%)

mattdll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
I Submitted a small Coren, the replaceable SR600 (it's actually the same but has trs style to change the names from one year to another) . The SR500 features a beautiful mahogany body trs trs (too) lgrement varnish that gives it a discreet and refined. The key is in rosewood and black trs 24 jumbo frets are mdium. For the pleasure of bassist small fingers like me, Mr. Ibanez has built a handle end, screwed that encourages the long montes ranges until the second octave (read by the 24me box). At the indoor you will find is an active electronic micro and Bartolini MK1 active Bartolini gualisation a, a, no hum! The oil bath mcaniques come home and the bridge Ibanez mastoc which ensures a good sustain. In short the good stuff for the price. and in addition it is lgre!


The neck is thin and trs enjoyable for my little fingers that soufert many times on old school type handle Jazz Bass. The Drive speed, we start to weave a serious Młoda and feels, at once, or even lead to almost invite a few boxes down to a small chorus in arpges or tapping the Stu Hamm. Well, okay, when you attack the slap and tapping, a change of style Jazz Bass neck; dja There's a little less space, and then tapping in 24me box is hot enough. In both cases the only solution: it buggers and going alone! Just enough time to get used to anything. I play most of my set of scne to slap so it can be done! The sound is exellent, regardless of the setting for little is left of the knob mdium quiet.


For audio, it plays the really cool and she likes the slap and tapping, finger play flawlessly passes without being mushy and found her fast on its rglages trs DSIR. I use a Hartke HA3500 head with a 4x10 cabinet and I can tell you that was thrown in, the sound is crystalline and leaves plenty of room to put any kind of effects (I use aisment chorus, flange, distortion and Dlay). We obtain easily the desired sound. For my part I use the position for intermdiaire Micor, low and middle aige bottom and the middle, a ringing sound neutral but for what I like to play: the Stu Hamm punk, mtal (with distortion it sounds like Korn) and even the classic (you tried prlude in C Bach's tapping? trs good exercise, hihihi !!!).


Voil has been six months since I use it and I even sold my old bass! It's good for the price you sell Ibanez a. Prvoyez right even a flight case because its only black spot is his rotten polish you ruin your whole style of fine bass player when he bar. Prvoyez then a passage from your luthier prfr if the style "SRV" frighten you (yes, yes, go to the guitar of Stevie Ray Vaughan, it is totally destroy it and all of the same sonn long !!!). A word to the salvation and enjoy!

lothian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
So it's made in Korea.
It has 24 frets, and it has Bartolini Mk1 that my liver so it's walk from the thunder of the active electronic
There's 5 rglage it: one for volume, one for balance, for a serious one for for the "average" and one for the treble
And most impotant violin making is impeccable nothing to repeat the koren is great for boss fairee


The handle is nickel ... well ......... that's my opinion ^ ^
we get super easy to acute
She really well equilibrated and lightweight you can spend several hours with you on the back of almost no sense ^ ^
This bass is super versatile you can have a rock sound up a sound that the bass raproche


It's perfect for my style musoque pusique I is not really a good Dfine I walk a little by the by if ^ ^
With this bass I pay a Peavey Micro Bass and his walk bin not bad at all but it's on I can not exploit my low back (... sigh ...)


Its been one week that I have and I lche more ^ ^
I love to finish (the wood is too unvarnished bonnnnnn) it has no dfault or if one is that everyone wants you to take it ^ ^
When I tried to buy a Peavey, a G & L, Ibanez, and another which I forget the name and the well-SR500 BM wins on all points
The report price is great quality (can it take to be lower than 50 even when!) But its still good for 670 correct
I advice everyone, and especially used without modration you exploded
Of course I would do except to choose if I had 1000 more I might be paying a bass luthier