James Spirit Precision Bass
James Spirit Precision Bass

Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from James Spirit.

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linn134 05/29/2006

James Spirit Precision Bass : linn134's user review


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- Manufactured in a country where the quality control did not exist at the time.
I suspected a bit Asian.
-A pack of frets I transferred from ... would stay again.
- Two microphones inevitably think of doing this horrible American brand: a Pibasse and Vasebasse. All liability of course!
- Bridge steel imitation gold vintage Fender
- 2 volumes and a tone
- Wood handle real tree rather long and rather narrow, flat on top unlike the pickaxe handle.

Exemplary finish: Tappe to oeuil, black veined white pickguard Gold hardware and perloid way. The lifts are Rudy Manter open to the winds.

I put 2 / 10 BECAUSE IT has had at least the merit to introduce me to the bass. It's a feat it has not disgusted me.


YES! incredible but true the handle is nice.
Since I turned the frets is even better.
Access to typical acute fenderien: bof

Vintage ergonomics: solid, big, heavy and uncomfortable.

Uh, on the other hand get a good sound, no. This gives a sound when it is connected, obviously. But to say that it is good ... Not be fooled, it sounds not and is not due to the quality of chipboard which it is made. These are the microphones that are plastic could not be more wrong. It's been Bzzzzzzzz, poc, brrrrrrrr ... but never one's drinking.

2 / 10: 1 point for quality and a point because I'm sentimental.


It is not suitable at all for my style of music. I have no need of a cake server like that.

I played a long time on Park GB15 was going perfectly for cheap.

There, I no longer get because its electronics are in tatters. But défrettée and dry, it sounds pretty good, which is unexpected!

The lens, fat and all that you miss, it did not sound at all at first.

2 / 10 parcequ'elle me is the basis for fun at the fretless.


I have over 10 years.
It's a nice bass. Yes, she is quite pretty. But it is a dung over. It's beautiful, it sounds not, it costs nothing. Brief a copy of Fender's all the opposite.

I have not tried too many things at the time. I began and there was it in this price range. And it seems that it's better than Jim Harley ... arf.

I remember the bass amp + addtion was about 2000 bales of the time.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Um, bah non. Now I have a little bottle, I was offered a Tobias. And the bass luthier is in progress. James then it became my martyr Spirit: I défrette I customization and if I find the pink wig, I'm a first-rate Jacky Tunning, LED with color and everything!

Overall Rating: 2 and is very generous.