Johnson Guitars Jazz Bass
Johnson Guitars Jazz Bass

Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Johnson Guitars.

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oyo2 05/14/2005

Johnson Guitars Jazz Bass : oyo2's user review


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It is a pure jazz bass copy that information taken out of the same plants that squ ....( no ads) ... the origin is Chinese (I know the name of the plant) .22 frets . handle a little bit more jazz bass.finition pais a copy for the model which I purchased ... a pot shot without doute.ceci said it m 'took two months to settle properly as the drying of the wood handle has be neglected ... between settings tross road and action must be patient .... before she stabilise.mention special translucent varnish for finely crafted and to finish the pickguard 2 bte weighed and its weight does not sound "card" is empty. the body is one solid piece ... so I CARREMENT left on his ass for the price.


Nothing to say, it's a jazz bass. The absence of micro requires a selector knob to select the play microphones. Tone is unusable because the very brutal. satin varnish the handle is very enjoyable and the perfect hoop for me ... (I repeat I have to be lucky because I did not try before you buy ...) paradoxically the sound is pretty rock. However, it is better to have some knowledge of stringed instruments on the settings because I reu avaec an adjustable ..... weird! (J (would have played over the slide and microphones taient stick to the bottom of their cavity! But hey, a little patience and you're jou.


The highlight for the pickups by EMG conus are far from being ridiculous, and even a little more pechus some squ .... .... or split a big surprise when I Reue. slap on the micro serious, with good strings and good shooting is quite convincing. it's a bass that can remonstrate number of competing most prestigious award .... gift. The sustain is correct. of course the sound is not very typical. but with good hands it's OK ...


I am 23 years old bass behind me and a little experience for the price ... honestly do not even ask the question because if your budget is ultra limited for any reason whatsoever, it is the low that you faut.elle delight beginners and satisfied the semi-pros looking for a good hay companion route.par elsewhere, for short, apart from the drawing of the head, I think the specification is exactly that of squ ... (no ads ....!!!!), 200 euros less .... I pay mine 149 euros in Germany and I l did it with no runs point even having the means to invest from now, I would not do it until I am satisfied with the services it makes me and the total absence of inqui tude that I leave it in the car for example!, or to let backstage and a full-time air.encore I speak only of the model I have in my possession because these large sries , the lottery is a bit ... but it's worth the effort.