Line 6 Variax Bass 700
Line 6 Variax Bass 700

Variax Bass 700, 4-string bass guitar from Line 6 in the Variax Bass series.

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synfactory 07/19/2011

Line 6 Variax Bass 700 : synfactory's user review

« 24 Basses in one at your fingertips! »

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Korean Made Line6 Variax 700 4 Strings Modelling Bass.

Cable and Power Supply/Di Box Included that “phantom” powers the Bass via a TRS Jack Lead.

Comes with a soft padded Line6 Case.
It features 24 basses modeled on:
Fender Jazz 1960
Fender Jazz (flat-wound strings) MODJ
2004 Fender Deluxe Jazz 1961
Fender Jazz Fretless
1963 Precision Bass
1958 Precision Bass (flat-wound strings)
Musicman Stingray 2003 Modulus Flea
Rickenbacker 4001 1963
Rickenbacker 4001 (flat-wound strings)
1966 Danelectro Longhorn
1963 Hofner 500/1 (flat-wound strings)
1963 Gibson Thunderbird
1966 Gibson EB2D (flat-wound strings)
2002 MTD 535
2003 Warwick Thumb
Alembic Long Scale 1984
Steinberger XL2 8 & 12 1968
Hagström H8 1994
Tacoma Thunderchief Kay
M1 Double Bass
Mini Moog


I’ve used this bass in a studio only.
I play mainly guitar, and I needed a bass that can cover many genres.
With standard tuning and dropped ones, I’ve never had a problem.
From Pop Rock, to Heavy Downtuned Metal, this bass can cover a lot of ground.
The manual is really well written


As stated above, I used it in the studio for a lot of projects and genres.
No buzz at all and the neck is quite good.
My favourite models are the ones based on the Warwick Thump (for harder genres) and the Fender Jazz (for pop-rock).
It has bass, mids, highs, volume and pickup controls on it. And with the turn of a knob you can choose a great variety of models. This is done thanks to a piezo electric pickup in the bridge. It can be more or less similar to the models, I think that it goes from a 60% to a 90% of the original sound, but the case here is to have choices without having to do a bank robbery!


The bass was discontinued in 2007, so if you are able to find an used one in good conditions and for a good price, my advice is to take it!
You will have a lot of great choices, and if you are using it in a studio the possibilities are endless.