Music Man Sub Sterling
Music Man Sub Sterling

Sub Sterling, 4-string bass guitar from Music Man in the Sterling series.

yogui63 10/23/2006

Music Man Sub Sterling : yogui63's user review


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Musicman Sub Sterling gray with light gray armored plate. It's an active bass with a classic tune, 4 knobs, 1 master volume, treble, one middle and one serious. The handle is matte black. Aesthetically monstrous nothing but good no one buys a low uniqsuement for its style, if it's called a boyband!
The bass is a jewel of practicality, the handle is held by 6 screws for further maintains (beast but it had to do!), The trusroad is available without disassemble (adjustable handle the quick and easy! HUGE! ). The battery is accessible from the back so nothing to disassemble!! PERFECT! THE Bourton fitting by the back also has not hit the front for the settings!


This is where things change. Well I did not buy it, I go to the store, they insist that I try. I then took my 4 * 12 marshall speaker and my head fender bassman Silverface 100W. And the slap! What power! The handle is a highway for the hands! All the above happens, rock metal, slap ... INCREDIBLE. The settings are important Exess, buttons influenet heavily on her but it is easy to get very good sound in queleques minutes. The body is very nice as a little lighter than the sterling, so for those who like fidgeting on stage, look no longer! the purchase! The handle is accessible at all levels! Moreover, the low paid and sometimes very fair. The joy of a low U.S.!


Hardcore'n'roll I play, I look so its a very powerful and I think I found a gem. In addition I do some repriqses has the opportunity with friends and I was stupaifait the versatility of this bass. You can do anything with! I use my Marshall VBA 412 and my head fender bassman Silverface 100W lamps with everything, and lma I get the sound of my dreams! The lamps are at their peak, and j'obtient sound very hot with a very pronounced grain. I never got such a sound!


I bought it two weeks ago, I originally wanted a fender deluxe active Jazzbass (pleasant) or a jaguar fneder (nulle! !!!). But the sound of the musicman is enormous and crushing the fender well. Moreover the cast is içnterressant me I got a new 980 euros so that price has a musicman AMERICAN! Jump on the case!
If I had a low reacheter I would resume a musicman but perhaps the stingray for the style but I'm not disappointed in any way by the sterling!
thank you musicman us build authentic instruments!