Music Man Bongo 4
Music Man Bongo 4

Bongo 4, 4-string bass guitar from Music Man in the Bongo series.

Joe-Rhys 02/21/2012

Music Man Bongo 4 : Joe-Rhys's user review

«  a low phenomenal! »

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This is a Made in san luis obispo, therefore, the united states.
it has a basswood body, a fixed bridge musicman, 24 frets maple neck with rosewood fingerboard with benchmarks half moon.
the pickups are duplicates as we know them.
the settings are very sophisticated; volume, balance, bass boost and treble boost and midrange-treble and mid-bass.
with here, if you think its not a good ...


the handle is really very good; much better elsewhere than a stingray classic.
ergonomics is very good, and the BMW design is really great and I love it!
access to acute is exemplary, hard to beat except on Fodera ...
it all sounds really, those of accuracy, jazz bass, the stingray, the sterling and other ...


it is suitable for all styles!
I plugged in a Genz-Benz NEO-PAK 3.5 and it really is ecstasy!
I say more except that has all the sounds of creation!
for short, I loved all the sounds!


I have tried only 1 hour and I already won!
I had a wal mach 3 4 strings, I tried to ZON, I had a TRB-6 of 1996, I tried the stingray, the sterling, the sterling by music man ray 34 (this is true copy of the stingray in a little better!), the American special precision, and others who deserve to write a novel so I have loved and hated!
I think it is too expensive! € 2500 is the ruin!
is its only downside, and possibly the shape of the body that repels some, this is what I read in here and there ...
but I liked ...
Moreover, I hesitated to take the 6 strings to my school jazz ..
finally, I think it's certainly one of the best bass I've had hands .... and when we play the blues on it .... aïeaïeaïe!
really sound!