Music Man Classic Sterling 4
Music Man Classic Sterling 4

Classic Sterling 4, 4-string bass guitar from Music Man in the Sterling series.

bassblues 03/31/2005

Music Man Classic Sterling 4 : bassblues's user review


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Country of origin: United States California
22 frets, micro Humbucking Musicman with a phantom.
Musicman bridge with four small bridges foam can be positioned on the ropes for a more matte (no longer done since 1996 I think)
Channel Saddle
rglage: 3-band equalizer (high, medium, severe) + volume
Prampli Musicman


The handle is inroyablement prcis more agable for the stingray because most strait, in fact we find the caratristiques the handle of the Jazz Bass. It allows a fast game, the easy dmanchement couraging.
No worries about Access in dernires freight.
I have always had relatively heavy bass, and that one is no exeption, I find much balance, but it's not really a dtail hurts me a fawn gn eral.
The range of sound thundering, it is even a little to Drout dpart because it offers more possibilities than the traditional low, the sound is the MusicMan and is a joy, Report grve / treble is well equilibrated.


I do not know if Sterling "is" or "not" a versatile bass, probably a fingerprint parcequ'elle possde Audible type trs, trs recognizable, the coup was the 'abitude to associate the type of music in which it is most often used. For my part I would say that it can be used wherever you need it is above all a choice Audible, I use it often and trs is not a problem.
I use several amps, the notament Harke, Ampeg, SWR or in any case will, I try whenever possible to leave the EQ as flat as possible and then I see with the bass.
The Sertling can get a round as the trs trs acute more or less dynamic, although cash particulirement attack the strings, without saturating, I like the fact that it is always clear and net.
I did not find her I n'apprcie not this low, just sonnorits I do not use.


I've had little time, I used intruments Prior Fender.
I'm just a little when I play in Drout picking because I used to put my hand on the bridge to the Fender Mute the strings on the MM I have the microphone for me ESG. For the rest I say nothing.
This is an "old" because he MODEL of July 1993 and the sterling t produced from June 1993, so this is one of Premire, which is that it is on does not move and the wood is dry.
I did not find anything esssayer at the time of purchase, I use a Stingray dja, but the handle does not much turned me on.
The MusicMan intruments are not good market, but frankly a trs seems justified possder SEVERAL Fender, I think the price is more jutifie Ches MM than its competitor
I dplore the absence of MODEL 5 string, as if there may j'achterait.