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noord 12/10/2004

Music Man S.U.B. 4 : noord's user review


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I do not personally possde but I had the opportunity to see it lends a store for a week. Having the pass more or less fantasized about the Stingray, I thought that with the SUB I could finally accder rve to "lower cost".
Now, let's go into the subject ...
On paper, it is the standard stingray is - say building the Fender (Saddle sleeve screwed plutt massive body, but damn simple hardware). Channel plutt pais, like Precision Bass humbucking pickup, volume knob, bass and treble. I believe that the SUB is a MODEL amricain, like the original stingray, so why a price so minor compared the big sister? ...


In use, nothing fancy, nothing exotic. The knobs fall well under the hands, are quite mcaniques prcises (even when less than a Fender amricaine of 2004) and the handle is plutt prvu for bastonneurs, c ' is - that thick and wide, but easily playable, so reassuring to me. The essay MODEL silent but well-rgl is the kind of bass ncessite the action of the strings is relatively high. No madness SETTING THE nanomtre prs as a Marleau or even a Warwick. But who cares, it's not a fag bass (it's an expression I do not want to hurt anyone ...).
Access in boxes dernires no better no worse than a Jazz Bass. Same weight, heavy plutt. Laying on the knees or standing in bandoulire, it is enjoyable, even if in absolute terms it can always be better. But l also, who cares, it's not a bass fag ...
Note to "use", it will be way + I is at 6.


INTERESTED always something with a low unknown: the few hours playing "unplugged" before connecting anything. Just to see how all these widgets together rsonnent Mountains. My apprciate? Not good. In any case worse than the Fender and Ibanez ATK Precision (which taient my only two points of comparison).
Now part of a POD Pro Stereo headphones with large genre DJ. Simulation Ampeg SVT with little gain and all rglages flat. A bass, volume, bass and treble bottom. I start playing, and l. .. a pure noise fall into my ears! But everything is connected. I try with the Fender, nickel, as usual. So what? I reconnect the Music Man. Re-poo. I fiddle with the knobs and it s that I realize that this incredibly low gnre too acute, so much so that the POD does digression at all, especially with the simultaneous Ampeg SVT .
Tries with the head Hartke HA3500, we find the same problem. When you boost too severe and acute, the sound is dnatur artificial and drooling. Dgueulasse really, especially in the acute. By volume with background against, serious and acute in the middle is cute but nothing to do with the sound of the "stingray CHRE". In addition to the micro snores a little, yes, yes, as a low 200euros ...
Unplugged, it sounds worse than the Fender Precision and Ibanez ATK.
Branch, it does not have "severe simplicity" of the Fender Precision is even far from the trs carrment Fender regarding the quality of sound. Compared to Ibanez, it is in the same register with mediums more and more natural singing typical of Music Man. on the other hand, beware of boosters, they do more harm than good and you quickly end up with a sound queer ...
For the note "sonoritquot;, it will be also a way +.


My overall opinion? I dcu, I spol!
Between SUB and the real Stingray, it's like between a Fender and a Fender Mexico Amricaine. It has the look of the original ... That's it! Without wishing to do the type litiste, the SUB is classified in the radius dj "copies".
The finish is not bad but for the price ...
The sound is not bad either, but it's not that good of a Stingray. And then There's the problem of active electronic shit ... I think we need better pay Ibanez ATK (which is better finished, more beautiful and less banal, by the way) and stick him EMG. It is doing for less CHRE and it sounds better, for sure. But it was not the look of Flea ...

With exprience, I tell myself that I did well to make me prter a week before not to buy ...

Qualitprix on the report is one of the worst bass I've played. At 500 euros, I gave him a 7 or 8 but more than 1300, do not DCON, I mad a 3.