Music Man Sabre II Bass
Music Man Sabre II Bass

Sabre II Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Music Man in the Sabre series.

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musicman11 10/04/2006

Music Man Sabre II Bass : musicman11's user review


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Manufacturing USA, 22 frets, dual humbuckers, body mass Saddle, rosewood handle, volume micro-tonal slecteur severe acute 3-positions, slecteur mode active-passive, etc. ...
This 4-string factory in 1979 dlivre Ingal sound !!!!!
A quel'on legends are increasingly rare. To enter !!!!!


Channel super fine and enjoyable, Access in acute very easy.
Heavy (the Saddle mountain), but a terrible and sustain a grip immediately granted.
The tagement of potentiomtres and slecteurs unepalettede provides its standard.


The look he allows all styles and range of technical possibilities ditto!
I associate the past few years with an AMPEG SVT 400T triple body (I also sell-see-ad) and your exact scared when you have not lachance depossder this stuff !!!!!!!! !
I prefer the well rounded and powerful probe MPAIS again you can get everything you seek with this hardware.


I use it since 1980 and nothing has moved or taken a ride in 25 years !!!!!
Although a bit heavy on the end of the night but took pleasure in playing it erases everything.
I did not try too MODELS before but I tried a lot since then and I frankly found no mange the power and precision of this instrument !!!!!
Although the price for the silent era dj Whereas justification but silent.
Today nothing has changed in the MusicMan this level but for a possder SABRE that the quality should not pass up !!!!!!!!!!!
If c'tait again ??????????? No hsitation !!!!!!!!!!!!!