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Lemmy? 07/28/2005

Music Man Sub : Lemmy?'s user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- Made In United States
- 22 frets, 2 humbucker Custom Musicman.
- Bridge type Stratocaster vibrato. Mechanical oil bath and locking system (not very practical in this model is a screwdriver.)
- 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 3-position selector.
- Wood handle ... No just kidding! Affects large and thick profile without a log.

Configuration actually quite simple and classic, but damn effective.


-The handle thick enough in its broad profile and key offers great playing comfort
We tend to believe that race does not favor the acrobatics and other stunts digital shreddiennes of all kinds, but it is sticking your finger in the eye to the elbow (not easy like that to play the guitar .. .). While not as fast as a race of Ibanez or Jackson you find yourself playing fast, very fast. You still have to get used to specify that the texture of the varnish on the back of the neck (black).
-Access to acute is total, the cut joining the lower body at the 20th fret.
Moreover, despite the cheap price (relatively cheap, eh !...), junction sleeve / body is the same as the top-models like the Silhouette line, that is an attachment to the using the plate with three screws, so ergonomic.
Musicman-have tried to minimize manufacturing costs for this model, there is no chamfer at the right forearm (for right-handed, of course), or any muzzle anywhere at all in fact but it is not at all a problem ... It bothers you that story chamfer? Think about 2 seconds! Is a Gibson Les Paul has a chamfer ??... But no problem in any case the distance between the top edge of the body and the bridge is short so you do not really need to muzzle ..
weight is very reasonable and is easily tolerated around the neck during a show or a rehearsal.
Yes, we get easily a good sound ... if you take 2 minutes to set his amp, his multi-effects pedals .. (Stupid question I think ...)


Before answering these questions I want to say that I quickly upgraded. Laying DiMarzio, a split and different settings, all this was done by a luthier. But if the comments below are valid also for the guitar home with just a little flat.

-I am more rock / metal and this guitar is carved in the rock garden. There is no downside, valid also for the scratching of origin.
Plugged-in my Peavey 5150 combo, it feels faster than the asks only scratches roar. The saturation is full of punch and are very accurate. We feel nevertheless that the sounds are rather medium or medium-high ... it is not necessarily an advantage. But three rounds of two knob amp and now!
-J-loves his saturated sound and light are not left out, especially in micro splitter (I am not speaking here of the original scratch) ... The splitted offer clear mic sounds great for crystalline cocottes, the funky rhythm ...


-I since early 2005.
-The characteristic I like most: The aesthetic simplicity of the instrument (no frills, no flashy details ...). Mine is black, because I wanted the body color matches the color of the head, which is invariably black, even if the body is green, blue, red (beurk. ..). Matt paint, no gritty dirty, no big fat fingerprints.
-The characteristic I like least: The mechanical locking system offers a very impractical, use a screwdriver and in addition to be very careful because if you rip, you damaging the mechanical head ... allouette. Nevertheless, this scraper is good agreement and the mechanics are clear.
-I think we have a good quality / price ratio, nothing more. Paid € 1100, it is not worth less but no more, but worth it to be upgraded.
With experience, yes, I would do this choice. With money, I would buy a Silhouette or a Petrucci.
It's a good guitar.