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moosers 05/27/2010

Ovation Magnum I : moosers's user review


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Ovation's Magnum I is an electric bass guitar that is definitely on the unique side. I believe that these basses were made in the late 1970's, although there are a few different models of the Magnum bass. The Magnum I has both a neck and a bridge pick up, along with tone and volume knobs for each of them and a pick up switch selector to choose between the two or to blend them. Uniquely, it also has two 1/4" connections on it for sending it to either one or two places, which is really cool and unlike any other instrument I've seen that I can think of...


The overall feel of the Ovation Magnum I is definitely more than enjoyable. It has a heavy sort of feel to it, in that I found the strings and action on the one that I played to be quite thick. It isn't hard to play, but does take a little bit more force than something with a more fluid feel. To me this isn't a bad thing, it just means that it has a different feel and therefore a different type of sound. The look and style of the body is really quite cool looking and very unique.


The sounds that are possible with the Ovation Magnum I can definitely be manipulated in a variety of ways, but overall it has a very thick and heavy sound. It's great for getting more of an aggressive sound rather than a smooth one, but it is capable of getting a wide array of tones between the way you play it and the pick ups. I've used the bass in the studio, where we recorded it both direct with a Sansamp DI and through an Ampeg amplifier and got a really outstanding sound.


Other than the one that I've used, I've never seen or used another Ovation Magnum I bass guitar. Upon first seeing this guitar in the studio where I used it, I was definitely instantly impressed by the look and make up of it. I was even more surprised to find that Ovation made it, as I'm used to seeing them only make acoustic guitars. The Magnum I is one of the coolest bass guitars that I've had the pleasure of using.