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Peavey 4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone 3"


    Hertford Music to begin learning bass £99 The peavyey milestone 3 is a great bass guitar with a beautiful sound it is light weight for a bass and extremely easy to play also you dont get fuzzes when it is plugged into an amp the only thing i dont l…

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone I"


    This bass was my first bass, a birthday present from my parents. This bass was sold for something in the neighborhood of $200. Nice and cheap. This bass has served me well for quite a while. I bought a Fender Standard Jazz Bass V (Made in Mexic…

  • Peavey Fury II

    Peavey Fury II - "Peavey Fury II"


    Bought this (barely!) used for ~$125 from ebay. When it works it has a great sound, very playable. It stays in tune well, provided you're careful with it (why do all bass guitars have such huge tuning knobs?). The electronics have been a huge probl…

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone III"


    This was my first guitar, I paid $300 dollars for the pack which included everything a beginner needs. It was a well priced guitar for what it sounded like. The sound quality of the Peavey Milestone was great. The tone was great but some times you …

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone III"


    I bought my Peavey Milestone III with a Peavey Microbass from with a gig bag, picks and a lead, and I paid about £220 for the package. I bought the bass because I'd heard only good things about Peavey equipment and it suited my bu…

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone 3"


    i received this bass as a birthday present in late august was bought from fox's music in lincoln for £145. the good thing about this bass is that i feel it is perfect for someone who wants to start to play bass, and as their first bass is v…

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone II"


    I bought this bass at The Great House of Guitars in Rochester, New York used for $130 This bass has a classic design which is almost like a Fender bass, but the part I really like about it is it's lightweight and comfortable body. I'd recommend this…

  • Peavey T-40

    Peavey T-40 - "Peavey 1978 T-40"


    pawn shop find in st paul mn. 150.00 with custom fit molded case. I have 3 other basses wich include a fender usa p-bass, a godin sd bass and a ovation acoustic bass. This bass is on the HEAVY side but the tone blows away the competition, especially…

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone III"


    I bought this guitar from after looking on the Peavey website after hearing Peavey had set up a new manufactoring plant in the far east. I wanted a starter bass and package for a fair price. With a gig bag, lead, set of plectrum, an…

  • Peavey Fury IV

    Peavey Fury IV - "Peavey Fury IV"


    I paid $399 for the bass not including the case. It is al 2002 model, and was purchased in April of 2002. I am a guitar player, but I wanted a decent bass for recording in my home studio. Since I'm a guitar player, I chose the four string so t…