PMC GUITARS Custom By - Black Meanie PB
PMC GUITARS Custom By - Black Meanie PB

Custom By - Black Meanie PB, 4-string bass guitar from PMC GUITARS.

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kinder_guano 07/14/2010

PMC GUITARS Custom By - Black Meanie PB : kinder_guano's user review


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Precision Bass kit put together and highly modded by PMC guitars.


-Bolt on Mighty Mite Jazz Bass replacement neck, 20 frets all maple, with walnut skunk stripe.
-2-piece ash body produced by a fellow luthier of PMC.
-Warwick tuners.
-Hipshot Model A Bridge with string through.
-Precision type Delano PMVC4 FE/M2 in neck.
-MusicMan type Delano MC4 FE bridge.
-Active Delano Sonar 2 electronics: on/off by push / pull on the volume knob, master volume, blend, low boost / cut , treble boost / cut.
-3 way switch for the MM pickup coils: series / split / parallel.
-flushmount Straplok Dunlop.
-Battery clip on the back of the bass.
-Satin finish neck, body tainted in voodoo finish! gray and black, highlighting the wood grain.
<a>See the thread on its construction </a> (ok, it’s in French…)


Good grip, like any Precision with a Jazz Bass neck :o).

A big body, not too heavy, the bass is well balanced (certainly thanks to the massive headstock).
High frets access is alright,; not outstanding (it's still a Precision). But it's better than a Fender, thanks to the highly sculpted heel. Still, for the very scarce moment I need to reach the 20th fret, it suits me perfectly.
The neck, typical Jazz Bass is fine. Far more pleasant than usual PB log.

In short, it's still a super Precision with a great Jazz Bass neck, and a hybrid between the PB and a Warwick (pickups and woods).


Plugged in a Ampeg SVP-Pro preamp, a cab simulator (Torpedo PI, awesome), a Firepod and Cubase. Now plugged in my Fractal Axe-FX Ultra with a few great sims!.

This Meanie is a happy compromise between a Precision that would have more guts and ... a Warwick! Yep, it&rsquo;s more punchy, than my Corvette $ $! Perfect, I love these sounds!
It has way punch enough for big rock and metal! And it&rsquo;s still rather versatile for more styles, from bluesy to jazzy stuff, and slap, etc. Still with a good character (I hate bland basses like Ibanez, they can handle any style, but desperately bland in all styles).
It is still quite versatile, with a beautiful personality, a look that I love, a real in your face sound.


It&rsquo;s just a very simple parts mutt, still, it goes beyond what was expected of her!

Very enjoyable to play, a real character and punch, and a look that I like The finish is excellent, flawless assembly (well, it's still a Mighty Mite neck, not ultra high end stuff).

Slight criticism only for the looks, the tuners that are ridiculously small compared to the size of the headstock. But I wanted modern tuners, not those awful dust friendly tuners you still find on any Fender.
Apart from that, now I want a 100% PMC made bass! I can't wait to see his Blast bass that should be unleashed within a few months!

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