Samick Corsair CR-1
Samick Corsair CR-1

Corsair CR-1, 4-string bass guitar from Samick.

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mateopero 03/07/2012

Samick Corsair CR-1 : mateopero's user review

«  microphones to change absolutely »

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Channel mapple designed by luthier greg bennet.
Precision Bass copy of fairly standard.
1 volume, 1 tone.


I was only little by the time (2003 or 2004 ...?), I was just looking for a bass my personal hacks (I'm playing guitar).
From the store, I found the original sound terrible, but I took it anyway because I had not the means for others.
It was confirmed over the years: in my songs, the bass was almost never his place: his hollow, poorly defined, no heat and no real presence and a big lack of attack. A little better through a small pedal for bass (digitech RP80), but hey, the sound is not modeled on his bass and worse it does not save any ...

Things have already improved significantly when I lined the cavity to foil pickups.
I recovered with a low background noise reduced by 80%. Not negligible ...

Lately I've ridden over the kit EMG P-Bass who needs no introduction, and it is day and night. There are the attack, roundness and warmth, and my bass lines are finally bringing their key to my songs. I would have had to change the pickups years ago!


As stated above, the original sounds disposable (at least on mine ...)
Strongly agree not to attempt a comparison with a MusicMan ...!

With the EMG-P kit, it sounds everywhere, in an amp in a pedal in a table ...
Without changing the pickups, you can not do much without an amp simulator and / or a good amp behind ...


Initially, let's be honest it's still a real low entry level, a single copy of PB pourrave with microphones and no shield for the electronics, but with a nice round (thank you greg bennet).

But ultimately, with € 100 investment in micro and application of good old trick to cheap, I'm happy with the bass is also quite light and offers a good grip.