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mbass 09/23/2008

Schecter 004 : mbass's user review


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This bass is made in South Korea for Schecter, it has 24 frets with controls for treble, bass, pickup blend and volume, with two EMG pickups.


The neck has a great feel, easy to play and reach the high frets due the way the body is shaped. It is very light and gets a great sound, even with older strings.


I have done blues, funk, jazz, and rock gigs with the Schecter Diamond Series bass. It is especially good for slap and pop styles.


I purchased my Schecter Diamond Series 4 string at Guitar Center in early 2007. Although I wasn’t planning to purchase a bass that day, the cool finish on the bass caught my attention, and I picked it up to try it out. As I was pulling it off the rack, someone in the room said, “That one is my personal favorite.” Interest peaked, I plugged in to one of the store amps and gave it a test run – I fell in love with it immediately. The neck is thin, like some jazz basses I have played, and the tone was fantastic! Slap and pop, tapping, etc. – everything seemed easier for me on this bass. I went home, pulled together some resources, and I was back the store when it opened the following morning to make the purchase. The bass seemed a little bit fragile to me, so I was initially concerned about how well it would hold up to my busy schedule of gigs in clubs, outdoor venues, etc., but I have now used it on over 200 jobs since then with no trouble. I did have to make a few minor adjustments on the company setup initially, as I was getting some buzz at the 6th fret due to the action being set extremely low – no big deal though. I consistently get complements on the look and sound of the bass, and other bassists who have tried it out really like it. Even as the strings start to get worn, the bass still packs a punch and clarity that I can only get from brand new strings on other basses. I paid around $600 for my bass, but definitely would put it up against basses that I have played that cost more than twice as much. I would recommend this bass to anyone, and have already.