Signature Jazz Bass
Signature Jazz Bass

Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Signature.

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raph.bass 07/08/2007

Signature Jazz Bass : raph.bass's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Hand Made in the USA in the 80's, 21 boxes, microphones Signature Jazz Bass, Bridge robust system with through-strings, 2 volume 1 tone, maple neck with rosewood button, the massive body is a beautiful blue tinted transparent (that is that of the photo).
This bass was purchased in separate rooms on the internet and assembled by a luthier. The body in 1984 and handle 1989.
According to the vendor, was signed in the 80 years of Jazz Bass that had nothing to envy to Fender, which is why they made them close the door to stroke trial (because of the license that JazzBass belongs to Fender.)


The handle is nice, although wider than a Fender JazzBass. It plays very well be sitting up (I did not try lying!). Access to acute is not the easiest (I compare to my Warwick Streamer) but that's not why I bought it. It is a bit heavy but well balanced, compensating.


The sound achieved with the original pickups is good but does not match what I was looking, it is too clean, too modern. I was looking for a little more vintage sound. The output level microphones of origin is not very high but just a little more up the amp to compensate for this "problem".


I use it only for a few days. I love the finish, the violin, which is very good, I like the least but I will address shortly. I paid 550eur (editing by luthier included) and adding the price of good mics I'll shoot for less than a Fender MIM for a product much better, so for me good value for money.