Stagg BB500
Stagg BB500

BB500, 4-string bass guitar from Stagg in the Vintage Style series.

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Chrizzik 01/06/2013

Stagg BB500 : Chrizzik's user review

«  At ease in his style, but very typical »

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22 frets on a stick playmobil (it is close)
2 microphones (1 close against the run, one right against the bridge), with on / off for each pickup and a switch "rhythm / solo," and a volume for each pickup.


The handle is odd, cf. the small, but playable.
The bass is super light, and suddenly there is almost no balance problem, since we really keeps gently.
I need to change the way I like my right arm compared to the other low, otherwise I rub on an edge of the notch in a semi-circle on the side there.
Access to acute is easy, but the instrument does not lend itself really, plus I have not found the time for someone who manages to make a really convincing set, all that is got to do is a good setting to play between the 1st and 12th.


You can really enjoy playing typed with a pick to slam the palm of the hand to stifle, and go to the rhythms of the 60's.
For the rest, I tend to ride a bit with the settings, different from what I'm used to => for use in home studio, I do use it when I need to slap these sounds and typed.


2 years in home studio
I have not had the chance to put my fingers on an original or a re-issue of the brand, so no point of comparison.
The feature I like the most: to play some albums from Gainsbourg, or the soundtrack of "do not be angry" is really what he needed.
The feature I like least: it is this form which gives this sharp edge, which really prevents me from playing with long and probably draw more things.
That said, given the price, I still thank that Santa Claus had brought me in 2010, I would probably recommend today.