StarSun Bass
StarSun Bass

Bass, 4-string bass guitar from StarSun.

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MFinc 09/07/2006

StarSun Bass : MFinc's user review


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Chinese I think.
24 frets, high enough.
Precision microphone and another Jazzbass a volume knob for each, plus a knob of Tone.
Channel fine enough.


The handle is sometimes difficult (especially if one goes down well and for the slap), but overall it is rather feasible.
It is not very heavy ...
For sound, just trying all the positions of knobs, you can get a sound pretty good, but we can not change and it's a shame (the Tone knob emits a lot of sizzling).


She agreed that until today I was playing (rock, some metal, pop, reggae), for it is against rather boring for the slap.
I play with a 60W Behringer, and sounds, as I said above, are always the same ...


It's been two years of the j'galere ssus jm'apprete and a change (for a Cort EVL Z4B).
What bothers me most is the non-possibility to change the sound, if I like the handle end.
This is my first bass and I have not tried others before buying.
The report qualitprix is ​​rather reasonable, but I would rather trust can be a low-end Squier today ...