Wal Bass Mk 2 Midi
Wal Bass Mk 2 Midi

Mk 2 Midi, 4-string bass guitar from Wal Bass.

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gridoul 06/04/2007

Wal Bass Mk 2 Midi : gridoul's user review


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Low manufacturing anglaise.lctronique active 9v.
hardware (mcaniques, bridge, pots, screws) to the top!
humbuckers: with rglages (push / pull, tonal balance micro) almost all sounds are possible.
lctronique the MODEL is a kind of a micro prampli.
of internal rglages can sculpt the sound and to customize.
output jack or XLR (which acts as direct box).
Wood xotiques large for the body and qualit.acajou shedua for the table and back.
Saddle sleeve 24 cases and affects bne.
finish "open pore" of the body, is sublime!
trs is the high class!


The handle is a rgal.il is very easy to play and not moving a muscle.
rglage the cot of the handle body and is the CSTA is the stem without removing plaque.
the frets are perfectly adjusted.
on my bass (which is "midi"), the frets serve as liaison with the interface capteur.la "midi" is a connection place the rear of the bass. type is making a "joystick".
the interface is in a rack unit.je possde also a pdalier (wal original, all wood) with 3 pedals of CONTRL.
Access in acute enough ais and varnish the handle trs enjoyable.
the bass is even a short tune standard.elle is very well balance.
the weight is correct for this type of instrument making. + / - 4.5 kg.
body shape is ergonomic, no sharp edge.
potentiomtres the (aluminum) are hyper prcis.


With regard to the sound, as I said above, you can almost have it all.
the differences obtained just with sound with the microphone balance is incredible.
each small rotation on potentiomtres, the sound output level is change.le trs
powerful but they just settle it.
the sound is right and prcis.profond clear and Dfine.
slap in tapping, fingers or walking, everything is a rgal.
moving from its classic sound a slap in the blink of an eye.

knob push the volume provides the gloss and the game becomes a percussive rgal.des triggers the rear of the bass can get + / - brightness (general) and + / - severe (rglage by a microphone). quatrime a trigger is rgler the output level.
the tone of each micro operate much like a traditional passive bass.
except when they are cut in full (that is, to 0). trs become deeper sound, a little style bass.
push the pots of Tone achieves frquences trs particulires.d a lgrement his distorted sound wha wha can block a frquence.a for designers to be a chorus or to make a sound personal.
I plug my bass direct console, even on scne and I do not feel the need for
prampli supplmentaire lctronique as is the performance.
the module is plugged into a roland fantom x8, and allows me to use the keyboard sounds.
with this sensor system, there is no latency and cell allows me to mix the sound of my bass with the other sons.et there are no limits!
I put 10/10 for the quality of sound basse.et 10/10 for "midi".


I play live, in studio or at home and I never tire pas.j 'loves the sound precision, versatility, the absolute silence of the lctronique, the playability, the violin, and the infinite possibilities of sound with the "midi".
it's a killer on scne in the studio.

Does it makes little trs copy (it seems a hundred).
knowing that it is a bass luthier rare, the price quality ratio is not my decision.