Warriors Guitar Bass
Warriors Guitar Bass

Guitar Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Warriors.

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lizard 10/04/2004

Warriors Guitar Bass : lizard's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Copy of a Fender Precision Bass! (Warriors also in the Jazz Bass)
I think it is in black and sunburst!
21 keys, rosewood fingerboard, saddle and handle alder body ...

Very nice bass for me


It is easy to turn an especially beginners!
Being an exact copy of a PB, you have to judge the ergonomics.

The sound is trs correct, I even surprised at the quality t made .....( without being outstanding)


After having jou with a variety of Fender amp, this bass has surprised me more!
I own a Fender Deluxe and I am a Special PB AIM sound of the bass' low end! "

Trs is good for beginners or playing from time to time!


I test this low because, among friends, we s'tait Cotis to provide a low birthday of another friend! As the only bass player, I choose that makes the bass (with limited resources)

Given his tastes, I DCID to a PB, I had a choice between a Squier Affinity PB and PB Warriors! After testing the two, I have no hsiter the Warriors!

Report quality excellent price: bought new 200 (compared to a Squier 234)

You are beginners with little money (or not wanting to start on a low "pro")? I think the Warriors are a good investment for beginners and casual!