Warwick Corvette 4 Active Ash
Warwick Corvette 4 Active Ash

Corvette 4 Active Ash, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick.

BérengerC 05/04/2006

Warwick Corvette 4 Active Ash : BérengerC's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This bass is a marvel. MODEL A top manufacturer in Germany. A top yes but would need a little rgime, all of the same 4.5 kg on the scale, it's heavy. The handle of the girl has 24 boxes, micro MEC dynamic correction, active Fishman electronics, all of exceptional quality, all a warwick: D. The bridge is stylish and original. We are faced knob 3, the first volume in a push pull to move from assets to liabilities, and even (ouaaaa) in liabilities assets, a knob of scales between the microphones, which r vle trs effective, and a final knob, a double knob to adjust (in active mode), bass and treble. Missing a knob for the medium rglage . Finally the handle is like a tree tron. After all, "Warwick, The Sound of Wood", and the thickness of the handle is not for nothing.


The handle can be difficult to play when you are not especially "big arms" and it always takes a long time to adapt before Russian grovver like another low. CHAC in acute remains easy. The bass is heavy, and demonstrated by the quality is the density of its wood, as it seems CARREMENT small compared to other low lgres yet more. The shape is ... sensual, a woman's body, and that-is-what fits best on a human body than another human body? The bass is more well balanced. In terms of adjustments to make to get a good sound, well here are the steps: connect the bass, turn the amp, pull a string.


It's a bass that is suitable for all kind of music thanks to its pallet of its rev range. I play funk rock jazz and even with the raegge. I played on a 120W Hartke, the sound is prcis, clear powerful. The first time you play it, there is only one word that comes his mouth monstrous. The slap profit from the active mode of a monstrous power. Warwick sound, in all its glory, the sound of the groove, the sound of wood, which makes her cry.


I for more than six months, it is beautiful finishes are perfect design moving, the perfect violin. Warwick is the original and feminine, but beware, it has in the belly, real monstress. Well the seller having qualms take me 900 (my poor little bass player of 18 without genuine wallet) wanted me to try low price inferior kind 800. But the gap between low quality and that the me quickly realize that I could test as much as I would like is the one that I would. I only call between MODEL Frne and bubinga. Only one can be concurencer Marcus Miller, in the same price range. The ratio quality price is excellent. I would do this choice, simply because one day my finger on it are possible and I fell in love. Good advice, if you do not have to buy this, do not try, you spend days crying over not being able to take it.