Yamaha RBX260
Yamaha RBX260

RBX260, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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steph_bros 11/02/2004

Yamaha RBX260 : steph_bros's user review


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Japanese Version of very good quality. 3 years I has traveled a bit but the wood has not moved an inch.

Micro level: a single precision.
A button and a volume like this Tone is not bored with all reglgaes.
How many of you enjoys a micro switch on their bass or guitar?
I myself know of any.


Channel trs pleasant and jumbo frets are good.
24 Frets with easy access to high notes. Even if it's used up just when it can be nice.

The advantage is a short handle not need to go for the FA so far.

In weight it is enjoyable gone, and it is relatively light which avoids breaking his back and neck on stage.


I have done with the resumption of ac / dc, blues rock, even jazz.
And yes to all of the hard rock
It has a good head goes everywhere.
Whether in a rock band or blues you will not stain.


3-year turn and make several concerts.
What I like most is the handle
Bassist for 14 years and this is my only bass 3.
The next AC will be a 5 string I'm shit with 4. :-)

I recommend this model has all you want to beginners or express. Among the products between / midrange is what is the best. And even 3 years she came out, it still sells new. Shown great quality.