Yamaha RBX260
Yamaha RBX260

RBX260, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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Jojolepoivro 08/02/2004

Yamaha RBX260 : Jojolepoivro's user review


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The RBX, made in Japan, has 24 frets on a Bolt Mount Alder
The Yamaha also has a split passive type micro precision and an easel "Vintage ..."
Level pots, the minimum required, a tonal and 1volume it all!


The neck is huge, passes the 12th fret should be a professional to play correctly. This one is as low as comfortable when you walk on hot coals.
His only good point, its weight being Minmi it is easy.
But it is the only hlas qualitbr /> and the sound ... forget it
and what if, in speaking, freight friezes which gives her the ropes ... ideu but I assure you that this word is weak!
ropes must fit the pro! (Odd for a low as bad) and even the slightest default installation transforms the musical instrument (as ugly as it is) into an instrument of torture!


If this bass should have a style of music ... I do not know yet
I have a Peavy Bass jou force, a Hartke A100, a big muff, a crybaby, a flanger ...
anything done, this bass is really crying with laughter o chagrain celon means!!
APRS multiple sound leveling is still as cold and snapping (snapping too, I remind you we're talking about a bass)
I prefer the sound with this bass when it is unplug it!
His sound is so bad it makes you want to stop the music (but be strong like me and go!! With something else!)


I have used for 2 years due to lack of means, but the ds first opportunity I have to find a good press for him crtin reforguer the 3 / 4 of its original price!
and what I appreciate most is not to see it!!
The report quality price innadmissible
This was my first buy low with no other experience
With experience, I prfrer me to buy that this eunuch aracheur TIMP walking (and yet I am a specialist in mtal)
If I permetre a little advice at the same price (290E), you can acquire a squier Plow
100000000000000000000000000 times better than this thing!