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King Loudness 12/05/2011

Yamaha RBX774 : King Loudness's user review

"Great versatile bass"

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This bass was designed several years ago to offer versatility and a commitment to excelling playability at a price point that doesn't break the bank. It features an alder body, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 24 frets, black hardware, Yamaha tuners and separate saddle bridge system, and a pair of active Yamaha humbucking pickups wired to a volume control, a tone control, a 3 way toggle switch and an onboard boost circuit. It also features bolt on construction with a nicely recessed heel for ease of play. The bass was built in Yami's Taiwanese factory and retailed for about $800.


This bass is quite light and ergonomic. The sculpted body design is very forgiving to hold and play in sitting and standing positions. The neck has a nice thin profile with a sleek finish that allows fast play very easy. The neck heel and sculpted cutaways allow for superb access to the highest frets and the overall feel is just top notch, especially for a bass under $1000. Getting a good tone out of this bass is pretty simple. It basically has a fairly modern core tone that sounds pretty refined and clear overall. It can get a little bright at times depending on the amp used but overall it's very versatile and has a good tone in a band or studio mix for more modern styles.


This bass is a very good sounding instrument for the player who wants a modern sounding, clear toned bass. The active humbuckers add a certain girth and low end that isn't over the top, but has enough punch. It's not overly midrange heavy, but you can get some good sounds in that frequency rang if you turn up the mids on your amplifier. The high end is very clear and works well for bringing the bass tone to the front of a mix and helping it stand out. Even when using distortion tones this bass remains pretty clear and defined, a trait that most vintage type basses can fall short on. As stated I think this bass suits a more modern type of player which is reflected in the playability and tone.


All in all I think the Yamaha RBX774 is a treat for anyone who is looking for a light, easy to play and great modern sounding bass for not a lot of cash. Yamaha gear doesn't hold killer resale so these can be picked up cheaply if you're vigilant. It is great for a variety of musical styles and I've had excellent luck with this bass for live and studio work. Definitely recommended!