Behringer Digital Multi-FX FX600
Behringer Digital Multi-FX FX600

Digital Multi-FX FX600, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Behringer.

Zoupioupiou 01/05/2013

Behringer Digital Multi-FX FX600 : Zoupioupiou's user review

«  This is the Behringer .... »

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This is a multi-effect pedal format totally plastic
No True Bypass
2 inputs / 2 outputs 6.35
9 Volts battery power or external power supply Bloc (not supplied)
4 buttons (one level, one selector effect, 2 settings)
Effects available: Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Pitch Shifter
One for blinding blue light indicated that the pedal is based
Manual, sounds and complete description of the Behringer website


The manual does not serve a much
Branches you and you play
2 buttons for effects settings, but it remains limited in view of the proposed effects is almost enough.


Purchased to connect to the database on my keyboard, multi-effect pedal in my finished board.
I need a phaser and a flanger.
I finally opted for a hand phaser pedal and I use the flanger chorus instead of
When the flanger is switched on, it was soon felt putting his amp in a tin
Effects are difficult to adjust and it goes quickly lollipop
To my taste, the tremolo is only the road
Maybe the pitch shifter but I'm not a fan of this effect.
The light is blinding but at least it illuminates the pedal board ...


If you are looking for a multi effect that name, save some money on your way.
The ideal is to operate with a power supply outside
As usual with Behringer, inserting a cell can not be returned without a tab crash or a screwdriver in hand.
It's pure plastic, generating a slight adjustment knobs and a painful misalignment easy, no tap tempo delay, difficult to have a positive opinion for this pedal.
Now, buying Behringer, we also know what it starts in
It is not very expensive and it feels necessarily somewhere