Boss GT-001
Boss GT-001
Makos 05/20/2014

Boss GT-001 : Makos's user review

«  Effective and practical »

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All details are on the website of the brand.


Clearly oriented nomadic and / or studio this little box are filled role perfectly. There branch guitars (acoustic, electric), bass or microphone and it sounds! A nearly 300 euros at the end, he did not miss it does not work ... ;-)
Yes but it works well and is ergonomic. An alternative "Desktop" Line6 Pod HD to the famous Desktop. This latter, noise level remains in the race by side against ergonomics, it is completely outdated. The Boss is easier to use. More importantly, the software offers is truly superior. For make no mistake. With this type of stuff, the price is included in computer services. And on this level, the Boss Tone Studio application is very well done. It allows to search in detail everything that is configurable in the GT-001 (preferences, effects, patches, USB, and so on) and it offers a whole range of more patches or concocted by Boss and house experts or by some célébrissimes guitarists. Everything is presented in a pleasant and responsive interface. A lovely "free service" (we pay by purchasing the camera ;-) .
I tested a few patches (some are pre-listenable in the software) is convincing.
Two more on the GT-001 are: the possibility of re-amping with your Daw via USB, it works well (Logic on Mac) and the possibility of midify (monaural) the signal from your guitar again it works pretty well (we dream of polyphony!).


Having a very good knowledge of animals like that, Boss is in the high average of what can digital. The latest algorithms house there, it is the same as the GT-100. It has pretty good press and this is in my opinion deserved. The clean rather neutral devastating distortion through all the classic effects processor or improbable it can do anything. With more or less success ... rather than less :-)
I've only used it for the moment, that plugged into the console and it sounds very good. Note, and this is a good point, a gain control input is available. This allows to adapt the different instruments can be connected to them and optimize levels throughout the supply chain, the output is controllable from a knob on the unit.
The quality of capturing the audio via USB provides excellent dynamics here also Boss offers to adjust the levels of the USB flow and thus to optimize the capture (44.1 kHz/24-bit).


Small in size ... HUGE by the sounds and possibilities. I find it really convenient and efficient processor. Well, this is Boss, they know a little music anyway ;-) To tell a little trouble: it seems a bit expensive. It should fall euros fifty shortly, they all do it. In a year in Cygnus, around 180-200 euros it will be a big deal.
Summary: Multi-convincing effects as much by its sound performances by its ergonomics and it is important to emphasize that by offering software via Boss Tone Studio. Good stuff!