Boss GT-001
Boss GT-001
musbing 08/07/2014

Boss GT-001 : musbing's user review

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it's the Boss, and found everything that made the success of the series GTxxx with superb amp emulations "raw" that can fully edit, it's TOP!

The Boss ASIO driver (dual channel) is still stable with a zero latency that simplifies settings and configurations.

The new Boss Tone Studio software that manages both the patch editor, bookstore and sharing patch on the Net with video and explanation and very well done.

In addition, there is always the GT-001FxFloorBoard Freeware 'being Dev ...


Setup is simple and easy, all in one Desktop size and small in size which makes it fast in use with its display and buttons and different connections Guitar / Mic.

I use a lot the Boss software
The manual is simple, but I use that for specific details


I use it with several guitars in MIC / XLR and it sounds!

In standard, it comes with 200/200 presets like it or not (lots of saturation), but the advantage is that if you want to work and edit multiple settings, there is plenty to do. ..

Amp emulation for Jazz, Blues and Crunch sound is wonderful for distortion found all sorts is even too!


in short, I am very pleased with this recent purchase that matches my expectations 'sound Boss' compared to other manufacturer that sound more "far" sounds original amps I'm looking