Boss GT-10
Boss GT-10

GT-10, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series. 01/17/2015

Boss GT-10 :'s user review

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Advanced Users
As an "on the floor" unit, this thing is tough to beat unless you want to spend about $1500. Before you even start trying to read the manual, just do yourself a favor and internet search "Boss GT-10 Advanced Driver (Name the kind of computer you have)" and then internet search "Boss GT-10 Editing Software." Make sure to go to the dropdown menus for help, manuals, whatever and save all the pdf's locally; you'll want them later.

The sounds out of this thing straight out of the box are Very good, save the problem every multi-effects unit suffers from: from one patch, bank, etc., to the next, the output levels don't match. This is where the software comes in. Yes, you CAN manually edit each patch through the menus and buttons on the unit, but it is a TON easier to do it with the software and then save the stuff to a hard-drive, thumbdrive, papyrus on the way out.

The note about S/N ratio and dynamic range is Spot On. The main reason I settled on this particular unit was the Roland / Boss Chorus; if it was good enough for Alex in the early days, it's good enough for me now. Anything claiming over 100 db Dynamic Range is a little out of my price range.