Boss GT-100
Boss GT-100
mantea.groupmantea 07/12/2012

Boss GT-100 : mantea.groupmantea's user review

«  A little, very disappointed! »

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The configuration is its strong point is a disconcerting ease of use.


Here I concur with Samleminou, I am disappointed by comparing the GT-10 has better sound.
This effect is as unpleasant as possible tube.


Little response to Samleminou:
I use for my by my saturation and overdrive pedals in the effects loop for me to substitute similar effects of GT-tube 100.Cet effect fades see disappear by disabling noise suppressors "NS1 and NS2" it is almost nonexistent if the mode "DIVIDER" is "SINGLE"
I use it for over a month now due to about 4 hours a day and I'm looking back the problem in every sense I think I'll buy a GT-10.