Boss GT-100
Boss GT-100
hurbain 03/05/2013

Boss GT-100 : hurbain's user review

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Simple yes, but it is a multi-effects capabilities enormous. It is simple because there is a function "Rappide" selecting an amp or style and addapte with a slider to 4 axes + or - in one way or another and opportunities for the same amp are important .
But if we want to solve everything, amp, effects and cross-references to those without it from a configuration, it is not within the reach of beginners.
The manual could be done better, but it's not bad.
There is a demo video on the site builder, but in English.


Several possibilities:
In a good tube amp, using the pre-amp of it and the effects of GT-100 is a treat (4 cables method).
In a good amp lamp, you can also just use the power amp of the amp and pre-amp Gt-100 and its effects. The quality is good and the advantage is to have a large sound palette.
In a transistor amp, I have not tried.
I use it in the effects loop of my Marshall JVM


Very satisfied, I made my presets (ten) with either the pre-amp or without my JVM. I use it a lot as the headset when I can not make any noise at home and it is very convenient, but not possible to use the preamp of the amp.
Only downside, there is a good application to configure the Boss via PC, but Boss has not yet updated its driver (driver) for Windows 8, so I do not know to use it since I made the update my PC