Boss GT-100
Boss GT-100
florent83330 01/17/2013

Boss GT-100 : florent83330's user review

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see the website boss and other notices


use very intuitive, dual screen support.


medium, medium, see below


all depends on what you search, and your equipment.
Let me explain: I was looking for something compact to play in repet without several pedals.
FYI, it'm 18 I play guitar, so I became demanding.
the problem with the gt 100 is that you can do many things, but is average.
effects, overdrives, the distos are average.
Then, whether you live branches on the amp or in the loop, it significantly denature your amp.
I play on a mesa ta-30, and I lost all the dynamics of an amp claase A.
So, if you start the guitar, it's a great machine, you can really have fun on your way otherwise.
since I'm a pedal-board finally, I have 5 pedals and hard as it faut.d Moreover, same for the pedals, you need analog pedals with true-bypass, otherwise you will certainly the same problem with the digital sound processing.
I will look if you have more questions tomorrow.
I hope it was not too late for the answer!