Boss GT-6
Boss GT-6

GT-6, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

MGR/Buddy Anderson 01/27/2003

Boss GT-6 : MGR/Buddy Anderson's user review

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I bought this unit at Andy's Music here in Mobile Al.(also available at )for about $395.
I play guitar for a rather large church and I needed an effects processor and amp sim. that could handle the large variety and styles of music that we perform every week. This processor also had to be able to handle accoustic and classical guitars as well as electric. After talking to other guys in my same situation,I landed on the GT6.

I love most everything about the GT6.It handles all the styles of music that we do very well. I am also very impressed at how it handles all my diffrent guitars with ease. The GT6 is extremly easy to program and set up. I have mine set up to work like stomp boxes. It's like having a whole lot of diffrent stomp box set-ups in one unit. I can set up my GT6 to work with any type of guitar I have to play,and apply the right effects,amp sim.,speaker cab and EQ
as well as some nifty special effects like Uni-vibe,defretter and even some synth effects.

It's too big, and Roland (Boss)does'nt provide any after market support such as patches and sound combos. They don't even have a soft case for it. Finding info on this thing is like finding hens teeth. I wis it were lighter and smaller,I have to use a rolling suitcase to take this thing to church.

Built like a tank. All steel construction,and even a kick plate. This thing will be here for a while. The quality of the sounds are awesome. Our sound guy noticed the difference almost immediatly.His quote was "man that thing is cool". We also send our church service out on radio and TV, and the sound lays real nice in the mix. The amp sims are right on, and very musical. The effects are genuine Boss,need I say more?

I would highly recommend this unit to any one who is tired of lugging all those heavy amps around, and spent all that time hooking up all those stomp boxes and having to deal with wall warts and batteries. Not to mention having to keep up with all those little hookup wires that are forever breaking,crackling and generally wreaking havock right in the middle of some beautifuly quiet song.

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