Boss GT-6
Boss GT-6

GT-6, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

MGR/Brendon M 12/04/2003

Boss GT-6 : MGR/Brendon M's user review

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I purchased my GT6 from Sounds & Systems in Kenora, ON. They had to order it in which took 2 and a half months! Haha...but it was well worth the wait. I did a lot of research before i made the decision of purchasing the unit. I ended up paying CAD$625.00 + tax.

I love everything about this unit. The amp models are incredible! They change the sound so much and are very detailed. I like the fact that you can tweak almost every setting on the unit. There are a lot of very useful effects..but on the other hand A LOT of useless effects. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life!

The only thing i don't like about this unit is with the harmonizer effects (octave, harmony, etc) you can't play more than one note at a time...doing so will result in the unit making some wierd tones. One other thing i didn't like is how long it took to learn how to use it..i STILL don't know everything about it..and i'm sure i never really will.

As MANY other people have said...the GT-6 is built like a tank! I'd say this thing is virtually indestructable. That doesn't mean you go and run it over with your car or anything...but its built amazingly strong.

Overall...this unit is amazing! The great effects it does have add so much depth and creativity to your guitar playing. I love this unit and if i lost it or if it got destroyed...i would DEFINATELY purchase a new one ASAP. This deserves more than 5/5!

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