Boss GT-6
Boss GT-6

GT-6, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

MGR/Rob 12/30/2003

Boss GT-6 : MGR/Rob's user review

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I bought this from MusiciansFriend for $400

The range of sounds you can produce with this processor is daunting. It is possible to adjust almost every parameter of each of the effects you are using and save all the settings to one pedal. The BPM features allow you to set the master tempo for a patch and then base all of the rates of the master(delay on quarternotes and phaser on quarternote triplets and reverb on 16th notes). It sounds great. The digital out lets me plug directly into my soundblaster.

Apart from the standard effects (rev, dly, chorus, wah, od/dst) there are only two sets of effects, FX-1 and FX-2. You can't use more than one effect from a set at a time. Not a huge problem most of the time, but it does get in the way of the imagination sometimes.

Solid construction. Looks and feels like it will survive me stepping on it for decades.

For $400 I doubt you could do better.

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