Boss ME-20
Boss ME-20

ME-20, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

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Gloufidou 12/28/2010

Boss ME-20 : Gloufidou's user review

«  A disaster. »

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There is distortion, modulation, echoes, and wha-wha. None of that is editable via PC / MAC.
Digital technology, simple installation (I watched how it was installed inside the case) to utilastion.


The general configuration is simple for a multi effects. The manual is clear and can be useful. To get a good sound, there is a small problem. The EQ has four bands, which is definitely insufficient because they can not cut it! What prominently influences the sound that comes out of the amp.


The distortion is horrible. No sustain, after a year not a single harmonic or false harmonic did hear!
For modulation effects, is already correct. But after having fallen for a Boss Chorus Ensemble, I thought it was really bogus, and it was better than a single super full effect that sound like a turd falling into the toilet.
For delays is correct. But no more.
For the overall realism of the effects is not worth it.


I use this multi-eff for nearly two years, and I intend to resell. The reason is simple: Many people have told me after a concert with my metal band that I had lost his relief and that we distinguish the nuances wrong. At first I suspected that my little multi-eff. But when the balance of the concert that followed, I asked the bassist to play on my guitar set up on stage. I settled into the room and found that the sound was disgusting. I asked him to remove the ME-20 and let the other effects. He began to play: the sound was great.
The best is the individual effects pedals. It is better that a little-eff muliti like this.