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stratouilleur 12/20/2011

Boss ME-25 : stratouilleur's user review

«  Lethal Weapon?? »

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There is almost everything you could wish for.
Hard to imagine more complete.


Trs easy to use.
Yes, trs really simple.


Premire use with Fender Start and Fender Blues Junior (my two "tools" the most utiliss)
Trsdu by the sounds tufts without dynamic ... up that I realized that all presets took into account a modulation amplifier.
The argument by removing "pre-amp" ... Yes! The sound of the stratum and the magic of BJ have found ... and it is a rgal.
This multi-effect guitar is perfect possdant a guitar and an amp which sound suits him perfectly, for which he wishes to add a range of effects, without dnaturer the basic sound.
So amp lamp + Me-25 with modlisation: I do not AIM at all.
on the other hand amp lamp + Me-25 without modlisation: that's exactly what I wanted, namely, the right of BJ's and a range of quality effects.


I just bought it and just test a few hours.
(Besides, I would add other lments and as far as I matriserais this tool.)
I had a lot of multi-effects (Vox ToneLab, Blak Box, Korg G3, Boss ME-20 ...)
I also have a PDAL-board with individual pedals and I wanted for my dplacements to a multi dallger and simplify my little priples music.
To date, nothing could be comparable my pedals.
But Me-25 ... Ergonomics is a fabulous and a quality that leaves me speechless. Plus an extraordinary price.
I am tempted to call it the "Lethal Weapon" because in addition to its core multi-effects, looper, tap tempo and the booster are most remarkable.
In short, I not everywhere ... 9 but that's because perfection is not of this world ... if not ...