Boss ME-70
Boss ME-70

ME-70, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

ironbull 05/24/2014

Boss ME-70 : ironbull's user review

«  do not understand ..... »

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then there is good-everything you need for the guitarist, while for the 150th ...... yeah, y-a fishy.


apparently it's simple, but nothing works logically, you find that you have too much you lower midrange and midrange, logic, except that here it is as if we touched the frequencies of all the effects enclanchés ... .. as if instead of having each separate effects had only one chip that does everything .... do not understand, not logic .... unmanageable logically.


rotten, pfff not understand, it is all here strongly colored, synthetic super cold, dead .....
the worst is the lack of transparency, plug vf1 here after (reputedly cold) and you will understand that means transparency.


here is everything is cheap, there-is no miracle.