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[Musikmesse] Celestial Effects Gemini VTR

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Celestial Effects Gemini VTR
News Celestial Effects Gemini VTR

Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Celestial Effects

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Public price: $419 incl. VAT
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Celestial Effects adds to its guitar stompbox catalog the Gemini VTR which combines vibrato, tremolo and reverb.

The Celestial Effects Gemini VTR features three independent vibrato, tremolo and reverb effects. The first effect in the chain is the pitch shift vibrato, which uses an optical-coupled LFO and two phase shift engines to produce vibrato effects a la Magnatone, but not exclusively. Vibrato controls include depth, speed, cycles and two switchable square and triangle waveforms. Two internal trim pots will change the volume and tone of the vibrato.

Then comes a tremolo which also employs an optical circuit, a LFO and the same internal and external controls as the vibrato.

The signal then passes through a reverb for which Celestial uses an opamp based analogue signal and a digital Tank simulator. You can externally adjust the Mix and two internal trim pots allow for adjusting reverb tone and volume.

2 parallel outputs are present and the pedal uses a true bypass. It is powered by a 9V DC Boss-type supply.

The Gemini VTR is hand made in the USA with a 5-year guaranty. It retails for $419. More info at www.celestialeffects.com/gemini.html.

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