Davoli TRD Solid State
Davoli TRD Solid State

TRD Solid State, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Davoli.

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nightmarica 12/09/2013

Davoli TRD Solid State : nightmarica's user review

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multi analog containing a tremolo effect, a spring reverb and distortion has all this put a stack format. pedal switch three position.
an input to return an instrument, to send output to a jack at the classic format amp.


could not be more simple it is vintage no need for manual, function = a button. the reverb is detachable / lockable with lock on / off center for transport button.


This effect provides a multi grain roots that sounds authentic. if you want a modern, clean sound that's not the good stuff but if you want its roots as in Bo dead man by Neil Young talking the same language.
I admit that when I bought it I did not expect a multi effect that sounds as authentic and retro.
Tremolo does his job, and the settings éfficace not allow a lot of possibilities.
the reverb, as quite a spring reverbs sound mat and makes a very nice middle room for guitar, warm sound, and this is not a studio reverb "all instruments" that is made for multi stage.
the distortion is the effect I prefere.suivant the settings can be left reflected the guitar sound and have a bluesy crunch Legé, and if you push a little to have a precise and sharp distortion for the 70's rock. this distortion has a sacred character, very punchy ca enters the bacon while being quite natural. all my friends who heard guitarists are remained under the spell of this multi effect with a big plus for the distortion.


it's been a year since I have this multi. I already tested a lot of other multis I had such an Ibanez UE405 to compare with the vintage. I must say that I have a big crush on this Davoli trd, I will probably never sell it.
the downside (for some) is that it sounds retro / roots and therefore difficult to use for sound modern but also its advantage, you branches, you play a few chords and it sounds straight blues, rock, folk 70's. Much more character than the Ibanez UE405 I also love elsewhere.
The philosophy of this multi is clear "sound roots" when you purchased ca it's like when you purchased a small tube amp that crunch to your harmonica, must it sounds authentic on.
It is ultra rare on the market Cygnus, and even photos or information are almost unobtainable.
when I bought it I went to the blind already knowing the reputation of Davoli by guitars wandre / davoli.Depuis I could see that the U.S. market is a brand that Davoli flambe.bref if you take a look, do not hesitate for a moment!