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Impirius 12/11/2004

DigiTech BP80 : Impirius's user review


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Several effects are included: wah, amp modeling, compressor, noise gate, Chrous, phaser, flanger, whammy, SynthTalk, 3-band EQ, delay, reverb, etc..
There is also a percussion synthesizer ... Well, it sounds percussion cane. Everything is digital.


You must use the navigation of the pedal, no connection to computer is possible.
When using the expression pedal, it hangs almost certainly the pedals navigation when on stage.
The pedals are too small and navigation together.
The expression pedal is calibrated and oddly sometimes unscrews.
For use in the studio or playing (unless it is a dwarf / if you have small feet / if we move from day to learn and practice to aim the pedals so you can safely use it live)


Several effects are cheesy and not very necessary as some desired effects are absent. The digital is felt in certain effects. The wah realize the serious ugly enough.
A good dose of some effects gives an impressive record. Just the right amount and avoid too pronounced effects that make the sound horribly digitized.


I have the pedal for about 6 months, and I have not toured the possible combinations of effects. I got a few good effects. The presets I have not really liked. This is one of the few pedals that price if you go with something more expensive, the effects are great, but the price disastrous. So for the price, we can satisfy most of our needs change in sound. The competition should exist in the field of multi-effects pedals for bass. It's a pedal after all quite ordinary, but quite useful.