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My Absolut 06/18/2012

DigiTech RP21D : My Absolut's user review

«  Not without my RP21D!! »

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Value For Money : Poor
See the notice before he has more time than I write!

Everything is editable, you have to understand, but it is quite logical in the end.

It is digital and the lamp.


It is simple to use, very very logical.

I have not needed the manual.

The sound editing is just awesome.


It's not super realistic, but limits the charm of the thing I like. What we find, but it's not super hot sounds.

I use it with a JAG SQUIER MASTER. A 72 telecaster.

We must be honest it colors the sound. It is not neutral.


For over 10 years.

Yes I had tried lots of other stuff.

I hack the sounds, I'm used to.

For the time it was overpriced, but hey I got it for € 400 approx.

I feared that something!! FAILURE!!