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lolomicro42 01/09/2008

Korg A5 : lolomicro42's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The basic effects are fine!
Compressor, distortion, EQ, echo, delay. The connection options are very simple: 2 output jacks, 1 input jack, 1 headphone output, in short, all you need to play without having to go through 1000 pages, you simply plug in and play!!!


I think I've never seen anything easier to use, a 6-year old would be able to use it in no time. The sounds, as well as the effects are quite all right and they won't make you blush in front of a new multi-effects. Granted, it doesn't have the bizarre sounds of modern multi-effects, but if you are like me and just want a rock or metal sound without the need to rack your brains, it's the best option!


Effects are very effective and well-adapted for many styles. With up to 5 sound presets it will suit most guitarists, the sound that comes out has more to do with what you can do with your fingers! I play a Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker (first of its kin), a Gibson SG Standard, a Godin st2, everything with a small Marshall JTM 30. What I like least about it is that, after having resoldered everything I lost my sounds, although I must say that it's over 17 years old (it's sturdy).


Well, as I wrote above, it's over 17 years old, I even bought another one to use it with my bass. It's a real pleasure to play guitar with it, I go from blues to metal with a sound that has always satisfied me. Splendid clean sounds. On a side note, I bought a Zoom G1X to get more modern sounds but it was crap. It sounded really cold, unauthentic. I recommend it if you are looking for a relatively authentic sound, but that's not enough!! You also need some skilled fingers to go with it. Great value for money, you can get it for about €65.