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stratouilleur 01/13/2013

Korg G3 : stratouilleur's user review

« Simplicity - Quickness - Effectiveness »

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There's not much to add to what's been said already.
It's rustic and retro...


The main strength of this unit: Simplicity - Quickness - Effectiveness
It's made for people who want to play and not spend hours fiddling with controls. It takes only 5 minutes to understand it and start playing.


The quality is very good, at least with a good guitar and a tube amp. It has never altered sound, regardless of the tube amp I use, which is very important, in my opinion.
A bit of reverb, a bit of crunch ... and it rocks.
A trick that makes all the difference is to plug a TS or T0800 to it so you don't need to lug around tons of gear. Its perfect for blues or rock and you can always find THE sound.
Although I don't know how it performs with a solid-state amp.


I've had mine for a couple of years and I bought it because a guitarist friend of mine, with whom I regularly play, has used one for many years (despite the huge arsenal of pedals he has).
Not only would I buy it again, but as time goes by I often ask myself whether I should buy one or two more...for the future.