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MGR/Felipe Devicaro 12/23/2003

Korg G3 : MGR/Felipe Devicaro's user review

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Tired of my low-priced Zoom 505 I bought the G3 from a friend. He'd been using it for like 3 or 4 years, since he bought it from a new-catholic boy who got off of the music, right to the church. And the thing was working just perfectly! Paid like $100, in US dollars (I live in Brazil, so we pay much more for things like that).

It's just a good effects processor, with it's Compressor, Distortion, Overdrive, EQ, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Noise Reductor, volume knobs for input and output, volume level knobs and 3 banks with 3 effects each. It works like: Each bank holds a clean effect, a crunch and a lead effect! Its that simple!
Worked so well with my Squier, didn't stole it almost-Fender sound, like the Zoom 505 did!

That's the tough part... I don't really love it, 'cause the EQ controller is just a knob! So the sort of trebles, middles and basses are very limited. Gotta take it with the amp!
The distortion is not very clean, even if u want it clean, or warm, you know... The noise gate helps it, but just a little. If you turn it high-leveled, you just loose the sustain! The reverb and delay are just one knob! So you can turn it to the 1st level (short delay), 2nd (middle delay), 3rd (long delay) and 4th (reverb). So the dealy is pre-programed, u just choose the one u like and control its volume, not the rate!

Its just an old fashioned black and white piece, with rough ends and 4 ugly pedal switches. Some colored leds to show some effects especifications, a peak-led and bank comparation (too much to explain in here) But it's been working for almost 10 years, with perfection, until now!

It's a good Multi-Effects product! But I had never heard of it or found something about it on the internet.
Liked it very much, but for now I'm selling it, in search of any better single-effects pedals...

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