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mooseherman 08/24/2011

Korg G3 : mooseherman's user review

« Decent interface, but not as good as I heard it was. »

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This is a multi-effects pedal made by Korg. It was a brand new type of pedal when it first came out, and was highly sought-after for a while. It has a lot of features and not a lot of different buttons in comparison, so it's in a way more easy to use on the fly than a lot of the later multi-effects units. This pedal contains overdrive and distortion as well as flanger, chorus, tremolo, rotary speaker effect, different speeds of delay, and reverb. There is a 1/4" input, stereo 1/4" output (mono is an option too), a tuner output, volume pedal input, a headphone jack output, and a dc power adapter input.


Using this pedal is certainly not the most intuitive process. In fact, getting to use a lot of the effects is downright impossible without the manual. I have been able to locate the manuals online, which is incredibly convenient for somebody who bought the pedal second-hand with no manual! The effects are all located on the same knobs. For instance, one knob will give a flanger, chorus, or rotary speaker effect depending on what number value you select. This makes it tough at first, but easier after getting used to it. It's also convenient in that you can save three banks (clean, overdrive, and distortion), giving you quick switching options via the footswitches. I give it a "very good" because it's tough at first but eventually becomes one of the easiest multi-effects pedals to adjust on the fly.


For all the convenience of using this pedal, it's a shame that the pedal doesn't sound all that great. If you like old-school digital effects, you're in luck. Just don't expect a good distortion or overdrive. I'm really disappointed in how awful the distortion sounds. The other effects work ok, but I've honestly heard better with different, individual pedals, which makes this sort of a waste of time. I didn't really get a tone that I'd like to record with, or even gig with. I find that this makes this sort of a waste of time for me.


I liked the ease of use of this pedal. But I didn't like any of the tones. I really couldn't believe that people were raving about this the way that they did. I found nothing I liked about it at all. It may have been hot technology at the time, and since it has been discontinued and replaced by newer models, it may hold a certain appeal for people. But I really don't see it. If you tend to like digital, thin-sounding effects, and don't have much need to pick and choose what sounds you have, then you will like this. Otherwise don't go on a wild goose chase looking for one!